Over the summer I competed doing synchronized swimming, and I made it to the La 84 Festival in Santa Clarita and it was an honor to compete there. I think synchro is an amazing sport, and it’s fun! I really enjoyed it, and I won first on my Junior Advanced Duet with my partner named Zoe, and fourth on my Senior Advanced Team routine. I’m only Junior Advanced. I would like to thank Zoe’s dad for filming us do our routines, and to see my cool duet click HERE, and to see my awesome team click HERE!!!

*****NOTE: In the Duet, I am the dark one on the left.

In the team I am the dark one in the back right behind he same girl I did a duet with.

Do You Like Coffee?

This is my persuasive essay about coffee, which was a class assignment. We had to think of a topic and write an essay to persuade people to see through our eyes. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment on anything you liked, thought was interesting, or think I should work on!

Can Your Morning Cup of Coffee be Causing You Harm???

Do you drink Coffee? Maybe your morning Cup O’ Joe is doing more harm than good. Coffee is a mild stimulant (a type of drug) made to keep you up and alert, but can too much be bad for you? After drinking coffee, you feel awake, but you can get hyper or even fall asleep hours later. Coffee also causes stunted growth. No one, especially children under the age of eighteen, should drink coffee.

Yes, coffee tastes good, and it’s an alternative to sugary soda and energy drinks, but coffee can also stunt growth. Not because it has a chemical that does, but it has caffeine, which keeps you awake. Even though coffee does keep you alert and awake, you will eventually fall asleep and need a nap because your body needs sleep to grow, and drinking coffee makes you sleep less. And, sleeping less means growing less, especially if you’re under eighteen and not done growing.

Statistics show that 54% of Americans drink coffee daily.  Drinking coffee also stains your teeth, making them yellower, and yellower over time. Coffee is a colored drink that slightly stains your teeth when you drink it, and it becomes more noticeable over time. And, with this new coffee shortage, coffee has become more expensive. Coffee as a stimulant, a type of drug meant to keep you awake, like drugs is addicting. These addictions have been shown because coffee addicts who don’t get their morning of afternoon cup of coffee get headaches; particularly migraines. With the growing expense of coffee, if you are addicted be prepared to take a blow, not just in your pocketbook, but also in a possible cutback to your daily dosage of fresh roast.

Worse than yellow teeth, stunted growth, sugar rushes, and sleepiness, coffee can increase the risk for certain diseases. According to a biotherapy journal, over 1,000 chemicals have been found in coffee, 19 of which are known rodent carcinogens. A carcinogen is a substance that can directly cause or accelerate cancer. Animal carcinogens SHOULD not affect humans, but I would feel uncomfortable if I knew I was drinking 1,000 chemicals. Coffee though can cause anemia in expectant mothers and their soon to be infants.

Stunted growth, yellow teeth, possibly cancer and anemia, but you get the smell of fresh roasted coffee in the morning. To drink or not to drink is the question? I don’t drink coffee and I don’t think I ever will. I don’t want to drink 1,000 chemicals (19 of which cause rodent cancer) in my coffee. I don’t think anyone should drink coffee. Take a stand to save your health, don’t drink or buy coffee.


Arnes, Bruce N.; Gold,Lois S. “The Causes and Prevention of Cancer: The Role of Environment.” Biotherapy 11. 2-3 (1998): P.63-220. Web. 8 June 2010 <>.

Multiple Authors. “Health Effects of Coffee.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia, 31 May 2010. Web. 8 Jun 2010. <>.

And My Nominee IS…

And my nominee for the class blog is…

Miss Nichols Class blog!!!!! And no, I’m not only choosing her blog because I’m in her class, but because she’s a great teacher/blogger. She puts all sorts of cool things on her blog. She has pictures, videos, and fun links and games. I hope you also nominate her blog, and maybe even take a peek at it. Once you see it, you’ll go back for more. Her blog is so unbelievably amazing. She’s got games, widgets, and sidebars! NOMINATE MISS NICHOLS CLASS BLOG!!!!!!!!! 😀

And My Nominee is…

And my nominee for the student blog from somewhere else in the world is…

…A pretty well recognized blog…

…Desiree’s blog!!! I really LOVE her blog too. She gets a lot of comments, and writes a lot of posts all the time. Many of these posts are interesting too, and you can tell that she updates her blog all the time. Desiree, you work really hard on your blog, and you deserve recognition for it, so to you. I nominate you for a great student blog. Go visit, and you’ll love her blog. It’s AWESOME!!! Thank-You, and that is my nomination. 😀

And My Nominee is…

And my nominee for the Individual Student Blogger is…

…One of the best blogs I’ve ever seen…

Siena11’s blog! I absolutely LOVE her blog. She has great writing pieces, and a cute pet. Her writing is really nice, and you can tell that she works really hard on her blog. I also like her theme/background too. Her blog needs an award, it is a well deserved FIRST PLACE!!! You should visit her blog and see for yourself. You might even nominate her too. I really enjoy visiting my classmate’s blog, and reading her posts. Thank-You, and my class nominee has been chosen! 😀

Earth Day- Environmental Awareness

This is my Earth Day/ Environmental post for The Student Blogging Challenge, Week #7. The environment is a serious matter, and everyone should do their part in helping. I want to do my par by writing a letter to my school district asking for them to change the Styrofoam lunch trays to trays made from recycled materials. I hope this letter inspires you to do your part in helping save the earth because together, we can save the earth!

Dear Lawndale E.S.D,

I want to bring to your attention the Styrofoam lunch trays in our school cafeterias. I know that Styrofoam is very durable, but there are other materials that are durable, have been made from recyclable materials, and can be recycled. For example, the drink trays at In-N-Out have been made from recycled materials, and are very durable. If they can hold four drinks with water condensing on the sides, I’m sure it can hold a school lunch. I’m also not in support of the Styrofoam lunch trays because they are bad for the environment. First of, all Styrofoam is non-recyclable, so it can never be used again. Second, Styrofoam is not biodegradable (it does not break down), it only crumbles to little pieces that never expire or perish. And finally, Styrofoam is bad for the environment because it holds toxic materials that seep out into the food they contain. One material Styrofoam (also known as Polystyrene, a bad and TOXIC material) contains is petroleum. Petroleum is oil, that gasoline (Yes for cars) is made of. Can you imagine that we have to eat off of something TOXIC, that’s made of the oil we get gasoline from. We are doing bad to our own health by eating off of Styrofoam lunch trays, and we’re doing bad for the environment. If you listen, and change the Styrofoam to recycled materials, we can save the Earth, and the health of thousands of children.



MY New Puzzle!!!

I really liked the movie Alice in wonderland! So, I made a puzzle on I hope you like the puzzle!

Here’s the link to get there, or you can scroll down to the picture of the Red Queen on the side bar and click on it!


Photo Credit: Taken by erjkprunczyk @ Flickr on

My Abecedarian Poem :D

An abecedarian is a poem that uses the whole alphabet. It goes from A-Z, and it usually has one to two syllables in it’s lines. Mine is about books because I like to read, and think that this is true.








Humor, and


Justice and

Kindness  Lay                                                                             










Volumes of

Words. Where

Xanandu ∞



Photo Credit: Creative commons, Taken by Austinevans @ p://

Word Guide:

∞Xanadu (zan-a-due)- a place of great beauty

§Yields – holds

ºZealous (pronounced like jealous, but with a Z instead)- full of character

How Often Do YOU Check twitter/Facebook?

This is the post for Student Blogging Challenge, Week #9. It is about how often people check technology updates.

How often do you check or update your twitter and Facebook? Well, the latest research shows that younger people check and update their twitter and Facebook accounts more  often. People under the age of 25 are more likely to check and update an account during meetings, while in the bathroom, while watching TV, r before they get out f bed every morning. I don’t believe that this statistic applies to me because I don’t have a twitter/Facebook. I’m twelve years old, and think  these applications are a useless waste of time, unless you need to keep in touch with someone. Not that twitter/Facebook aren’t boring, because they’re cool, but I HAVE NO TIME FOR THEM. Limit yourself to how much twitter/Facebook you use! You don’ want to be part of these statistics.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Taken by Photopedia @