How Often Do YOU Check twitter/Facebook?

This is the post for Student Blogging Challenge, Week #9. It is about how often people check technology updates.

How often do you check or update your twitter and Facebook? Well, the latest research shows that younger people check and update their twitter and Facebook accounts moreĀ  often. People under the age of 25 are more likely to check and update an account during meetings, while in the bathroom, while watching TV, r before they get out f bed every morning. I don’t believe that this statistic applies to me because I don’t have a twitter/Facebook. I’m twelve years old, and thinkĀ  these applications are a useless waste of time, unless you need to keep in touch with someone. Not that twitter/Facebook aren’t boring, because they’re cool, but I HAVE NO TIME FOR THEM. Limit yourself to how much twitter/Facebook you use! You don’ want to be part of these statistics.

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